Hey there! I'm Adrienne. I am so glad you stopped by! As the owner and sole shooter for Oak & Ember, I put my ALL into each and every session.

The mom of three young kiddos, I had to quickly learn how to embrace the "unposed" shots. My style is just that; Seeing the beauty in the chaos. Seeing life just as it is. Getting the real smiles, snuggles, and capturing all of the perfectly imperfect moments in YOUR life.

 So...what does Oak & Ember mean?! 

  • Oak trees are seen throughout Houston and Texas in general. They symbolize wisdom and reliability - two characteristics I hold highly in my business. 

  • An ember, as I'm sure you know, is a small piece of burning coal leftover after a fire, but it holds enough heat to eventually start a fire of its own. In a sense, it's a flicker of hope - the potential to grow bigger than ones self. It represents your images and their potential to be more than just a simple shoot - these images will eventually (hopefully!) become treasured family heirlooms, representing something bigger than a single moment in time. 





My charming studio is located in Downtown Katy. It has all the boho vibes, and it is a perfect place for Maternity Sessions, Couple Sessions, and Newborn Sessions. I have a wonderful collection of newborn props, swaddles, headbands and outfits. Here are a few of my favorites from the studio!


Boho Engagement Session in Katy, TX photographerBoho Engagement Session in Katy, TX photographer Katy, TX and Cypress, TX Newborn PhotographerKaty, TX and Cypress, TX Newborn Photographer Cypress, TX maternity studio photographerCypress, TX maternity studio photographer